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Oral Primo & Parabolan

Postby admin » Wed Jul 11, 2018 5:25 pm

So im too fkin fat...
12 weeks, time to get serious now, ive been fucking about..

so im going to try the following stack..
DUNNING ANAVAR 350mg per week
DUNNING ORAL PRIMO 525mg per week (thinking pass through would be 300ish per week)
DUNNING PARABOLAN 200mg per week
DUNNING TEST300 300mg per week
Keifei T3 50mcg per day

I know usual advice is not to stack 2 orals, but with it being low dosage Anavar and the very safe Primo, im thinking these 2 would stack safer than a stack of dbol would...

will run this little course for 6 weeks before we change it up.
probably after 6 weeks we will then drop the test, add masteron and winny.

also running HGH. but not running slin.

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Re: Oral Primo & Parabolan

Postby Bigmick81 » Wed Jul 11, 2018 6:11 pm

Sounds a good stack mate. I am thinking of using primo depot also and the keifie hgh tomhelpmwirh a few niggling injuries also. What’s your take on th hgh you used mate.

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Re: Oral Primo & Parabolan

Postby Clayton_ID » Mon Jul 30, 2018 5:12 pm

This is a looks a very good cycle, but i saw you got injectable primo and the oral acetate in...i don't know the thinking if your running anavar as a oral, is one oral for the end of the cycle, and one oral for the beginning or you will run both at the very beginning?

I just ran a anavar only cycle so i'm thinking what next or take a break for a couple of months, and then come back on gear...
I might try the oral primo on its own at some point to see how it compares to anavar, which i have just done 100 tablets, 25mg a day, over the last 3 months. Would have liked to do 50mg a day consistently throughout the time, am 25mg and 7-9 hrs later another 25mg, but when i did i noticed i got severe anxiety, without any test (trt or injectable) apparently its common. Why no test on the anavar cycle? I did not want to run test with it too, as i had been tired of injecting after a 12 week test cyp cycle at 150mg every 7 days, so finishing with a oral only cycle, was a choice, but when i got anxiety at 50mg, i should have ran it with some test, hindsight!..lol

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Re: Oral Primo & Parabolan

Postby Sluggerp » Wed Aug 01, 2018 2:44 pm

how much oral primo a day and what times taken mate?

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