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Postby gulparta » Sat Nov 03, 2018 6:45 am

now if i was a clever cunt, i would have joined a shit load of forums over the last year.. and then leave a post without any adverttisement at all, something similiar to the post i just left here that admin has deleted, but without advertising any in particular, that way, the post would have remained and not been deleted....
then over time.. that post would have slipped to the back pages where it was no longer looked at...
ONLY THEN,.., would i have returned to the forum, logged in, returned to this post and then edited the post and placed my backlink in,...

nobody would have known.. and my backlink would have remained forever more..
but nope.. as i said, that would have been if i was a clever cunt... instead... im just a cunt.

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