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Deads4days Dunning Labs Product review

Product: Dunning Dihydroboldenone/1-Testosterone (DHB)

Product information/ What is DHB?
Dihydroboldenone/1-Testosterone Profile
Pharmaceutical Name: Dihydroboldenone
Chemical Names: 17beta-hydroxyandrost-1-en-3-one, 5alpha-androst-1-en-3-one, 17beta-ol
Active Life: 12 days
Anabolic/Androgenic Ratio: 200/100

Dihydroboldenone, most commonly known as 1-testosterone, is a 5alpha reduced form of the steroid boldenone. This lack of 5alpha reduction means this compound does not aromatize.

Dihydroboldenone is in the same respect as dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is to testosterone.

• Very dry steady gains (doesn’t aromatise)
• Moderate strength increase 400mg/week very good increase on 600mg/week
• Increased appetite
• Increased libido
• Little to no liver hepatotoxicity
• Very low side effects, I had very crazy vivid dreams, and moderate sweats and body heat increase.
• Versatility, this compound can literally be stacked with anything and can be used to bulk, recomp, cut or even cut.
• Vascularity, on 400mg/week you get some vascularity on 600mg/week my veins literally looked like they were about to explode from my body.
• Very good pump
• Mildly thermogenic(My core temp was raised whilst using not to the extent of Tren but I felt hot most of the time even when it was cold and had
very mild night sweats which suggests this compound has thermogenic traits)
• Good Anabolic/Androgenic ratio making it a good medium strength compound.

• The main con for me is the mg/ml concentration of the compound 100mg/ml, when using 400mg/ml wasn’t much of a problem but when I wanted
to start using 600mg/ml I had to start getting creative with the injection frequency and moved from twice a week to EOD as this reduced the volume of each injection allowing me to jab my test at the same time the reason for why the mg/ml is so low for a long ester will be covered in the next point.
• Hormone crash, this compound has a very dense molecule profile and therefore has a tendency to crash and is very difficult to stabilise, therefore the mg/ml of this compound cannot be as high as other compounds of the same ester e.g. testosterone cyp even at 100mg/ml if the compound is cold will slightly crash which brings me to my next point.
• Product preparation: due to stability this product needs to be prepared before use, luckily it's nothing complex and boils down to you just having to heat & shake the vial for 10 mins using water from a kettle (to be honest I do this with all my oils as this enables the hormone to absorb better but also makes the product thinner and flow through the needle much easier.
• Not advisable for women to use, this is a very low side effect compound but still has risk of virilisation.
• If not prepared correctly can induce minor PIP.

Personal experience with DHB:
I have ran:
DHB 400mg/ 600mg Test E,
DHB 600mg/ 350mg Tren ace/ 300mg Test prop/ 350mg Mast prop
DHB 400mg/ Nandrolone Deca 500mg/ Test E 600mg

All 3 of the above was very enjoyable runs, I found that I got best results at 600mg/ml and felt that for me this is the sweet spot and could feel
the full effects of the compound.

Below are excerpts from a mini log I did on a forum post when I ran my first encounter with DHB which includes some personal experiences,
method of preparation of DHB and injection frequencies also some personal thoughts on the effects I experienced( i have removed posts from
other members sorry if I missed a few)

Excerpts from mini log:
I'm going with 450 DHB(3ml) + 500 Test(2ml) per week.
12.5mg Aromasin EOD (Standard dose due to DHB not aromatising so this is mainly for the test)
Will look like below assuming DHB will be 150mg/ml

Monday: 2 shots (1.5ml DHB + 1 ml Test 250 total)
In same syringe
Draw up .75ml DHB + .50ml test inject left vent
Draw up .75ml DHB + .50ml test inject right vent

Thursday:2 shots (1.5ml DHB + 1 ml Test 250 total)

In same syringe
Draw up .75ml DHB + .50ml test inject left glute
Draw up .75ml DHB + .50ml test inject right glute

Read many reports of people getting PIP, and also people not getting PIP so mixed reviews on that front.
It could be due to:
*mg/ml (most was 250mg/ml) we all know higher mg/ml more chance of instability and PIP hence why Dunning reduced test 350 to 300
problem solved hopefully will work same with DHB, it may just not play nice in high mg/ml.
*Jabbing too much in one sitting.
*Jabbing technique
*Quality of raws/carrier oils and BA content.
*Experience of LAB preparing it
Also heard some people got PIP for first 4 jabs or so and then it went and was okay, bit like virgin muscle and test, the muscle will not be use to
the hormone at first so will absorb the oil faster than the hormone causing swelling but once the muscle is custom and use to the hormone will
absorb as should.
To reduce chance of PIP I will do the below: (may not be any , but best to be cautious)
Will mix test with the DHB in each shot, so instead of doing 1.5ml of DHB and 1ml of test in 1 shot will split it in to 2 shots total 4 shots per week
Monday and Thursday.
Will also be putting the the prepared syringe in glass of warm water for 5 mins to warm the oil up.
While oil is warming will take a hot shower.
Avoiding sites delts and quads until I know if there's PIP or not.
Inject slower than normal.
Will do the above until I can gauge what I'm dealing with, once I get a feel for it may try putting all in one shot just to see how it goes.

Okay guys DHB arrived today 6 vials.
First glance the compound does look VERY different to test, almost like a suspension quite thick clear greenish colour, Hormone had slightly
crashed which was expected

2 shots x 1ml DHB + 1 x 1ml Test E

Total: This week will do 4ml DHB 400mg + 4ml Test E 1000mg( Front loading test), thereafter will do shots with 4ml DHB and 2ml test E 500mg
per week.

Got a Pyrex jug, placed a vial of DHB and a vial of Test E then filled boiled water from the kettle to just below the bottle crimp/neck
of vial. (150ml roughly)

Waited around 5 mins took the DHB out and already drastic change in appearance and was looking much thinner and like normal test but with
a slight greenish tint to it, gave it a good shake and popped back in for another 5 mins.

Took 1 syringe drew back 1ml of air(cap still on) inserted needle into the vial pushed the air in then turned the bottle upside down and drew out
1ml of DHB then repeated with the test.

Now have 1 syringe with 1ml DHB and 1 ml Test E, cleaned left and right vent with alcohol wipes, put needle in left vent and slowly pushed the
compound in very slowly little by little(2mins roughly) took needle out very slowly and gave the oil time to fill the gap where needle was then fully
took needle out and cleaned the are with more alcohol wipes and added a spot plaster, repeated above for right vent.

In all the injection felt no different than normal Test E, have no sting, some reported you feeling the sting as the compound entered your body which
I had none whatsoever so all good on that front. felt bit more resistance than normal when injecting but DHB is much more dense molecule than
test and I was pushing 2ml through A Violet 25g and had no problem.

Total time: Just over 15 mins and that's for both shots plus warming the oil.

Will report back in here tomorrow with update on the injection sites and if any swelling or PIP etc but so far fuck all and very excited.

Morning All,

Just a little update before work.

Injection sites: Left , Right Vent: No swelling, Lumps, pain or redness. Literally no PIP at all so far which is a good sign. There is a little
tightness in both injection areas but that is mainly due to the fact I haven't been using vents long as sites and only usually put TRT volumes
of oil in once per week and now suddenly they have 2ml in each but no pain, soreness, redness, aches or swelling.

Sleep:Some mentioned having similar sleep to that of Tren "Trensomnia", I have experienced the exact opposite as had the deepest undisturbed
sleep I have had for a long time and feel very alert and refreshed this morning, that being said I did have a very vivid dream where Pennywise
"the clown from IT." was my best mate and I had to keep persuading him from killing kids and people near where I live, so yeah weird as fuck
and very vivid dreams.

Thinking if there is no PIP/swelling after work will prob do another 2ml and front load that as well as the Test E and get the compound blood
levels to the desired amount faster thus not having to wait 5-6 weeks to get full effect of the compound.

Will update again later chaps.

Same here mate happy and surprised there's no PIP at all, but when I researched before I noticed some said they had PIP and some said
they didn't and I'm pretty sure the ones that did have it had way too high concentration and DIDN'T heat the oil up first.

How much crash was we talking with the 150 mate? as mine had crashed at 100 but soon as I heated it up was normal. Did the 150 test
on it not reconstitute through heat and stay crashed? as if not defo would like to try 150 batch and would happily Guinea pig it and give
feedback on findings.

Update: 24 hours passed still no swelling, soreness, lumps or PIP on left and right vent pretty much couldn't tell i'd jabbed if honest. Due to
the good news I decided to jab again same dose and protocol as used yesterday but this time I chose delts as the injection site.

Now can say that jabs went smooth as the others did yesterday, no pain the main difference from yesterday is it does feel slightly different,
bit like a Sus jab not painful but a little tight in the injection areas and and a very small dull ache but only for first 10-16 mins and strangely
enough that has nearly gone now and can almost not tell i've jabbed.

Amount taken sofar:

DHB: 400mg Test E: 1000mg

Next jab will be Monday now and will be 2ml DHB 1ml Test E.

Will check back again in a few hours with an update on delts.

Update 2: Been a good few hours now since I jabbed delts, no redness, swelling or lumps no PIP, although can tell I have jabbed this time
as there is a very very very minor dull ache now and then was more prominent first 15 mins then faded and now it's every so often I get
the ache so very weird but nothing painful though so still have full function and could easily do a workout without any interference so still
good to go.

Observation so far: Oil today was still very clear and only a speck of hormone on the side of vial so still heated for 10 mins and to be
honest I think this is a must with this compound but in reality last few months have been warming my oils anyway for 5 mins so only
an extra 5 mins on top and a few shakes so not much difference in perpetration time. Also seems DHB as a compound prefers lower body
injection sites over upper body as can tell i have had a jab in delts where as with vents felt fuck all and also Admin jabbed quads and also
felt nothing so seems to be a pattern, will Jab Glutes on Monday to see how they feel.

But so far I believe the PIP reports from various sites to be either the guys are not doing proper preparation before injection or too high
concentration or just jabbing way too much at once i.e 3-4 ml in one syringe or all of the above.

Will update again tomorrow morning on how the delt sites feel, sleep quality and overall mood.

Injection update: Injection Areas:Vents & Delts

Vents injected: 05/04/2017, No swelling, Lumps or PIP and as if not jabbed.

Delts injected: 06/04/2017, No swelling, Lumps or PIP, the intermittent dull ache has also now subsided, I'm guessing this may have
occurred due to not doing delts for a few months as mainly been jabbing vents, that + new compound and also was 2ml shot. Although
I felt the injections more in delts at first compared to vents and had more injection symptoms these was mainly first 15 mins thereafter
was intermittent and next day both shoulders feel absolutely fine now so all is good thank god.

Sleep quality: Yet again another really good night's sleep woke once to piss and then did that half a sleep and soon as head hit the
pillow again was fast out.

Woke in good quite refreshed state again.

One thing I have noticed is when I wake I do feel a bit clammy and more sweaty than usual, may just be the weather getting better or may
be the compound has mild thermogenic nature, will keep an eye on it and as of Monday will also be doing daily BP readings in AM and PM
to see how it effects BP.

Also Monday will be my first session in the gym after a week off so will report on some performance although compound won't be fully in my
system for another week or so(Front loading so don't have to wait 5-6 weeks).

Will update again when I notice any changes.

Injection update: Injection Areas:Vents & Delts

Vents injected: 05/04/2017, No swelling, Lumps or PIP and as if not jabbed.

Delts injected: 06/04/2017, Been over a day since jabbing and can report no swelling, lumps, pain aches, nothing

Sleep quality: Been having the best quality sleep in ages and been walking less in the night and getting up before my alarm goes off feeling
refreshed and rested.

So in all no PIP or discomfort to report and don't think they will be, there was slight dull ache in delts when first jabbed but nothing like PIP
reported and that went the next day.

Update: 09/04/2017 all injection sites are absolutely fine and ready for action tomorrow.

Libido: I have noticed a huge increase in this area and literally been smashing the fuck out of the missus this weekend and also wanking like
a criminal on death row in-between.

Hardon’s everywhere literally on the bus or train and boom random Hardon apparent reason. Wake up in night for piss rock hard and
also in morning.

Other effects: Look more fuller and muscles feel harder, guessing this could be more my body absorbing the cal’s and nutrients after being in
deficit but they don't feel puffy they feel rock hard and pumped as if been working out.

Sleep: This areas has been really good so far, only waking once per night to piss and falling straight back to sleep when my head hits pillow
and waking in very good refreshed state.

Overall mood: Have noticed in much more happy and easy going even when I wake at 05:10 for work feel in good mood whereas normally
trying to think of ways to get out of work and back in bed.

So far don't seem to have any negative mental sides, this is very good as previously(most my adult life) suffered from anxiety and depression
and some people mentioned they got paranoid and anxious bit like EQ sides. So far don't have this in fact quite the opposite I seem more
relaxed and willing to interact with people( still early days though this could change)

Monday will be first day back in the Gym after a week off and also recently finished my cut(lost 27.8lbs over 16 weeks)and reversed dieted
cals back to maintenance and over next few weeks will adjust accordingly to be in surplus , not going crazy bulk mode will be keeping it
leaner and drier this time round and will only be a 250 cal surplus.

Looking forward to being back in the gym with food and nutrients and more gear in my system and enjoy my workouts and see some gains
again. Will still be too early to record performance related info but will still take observations down and other things I notice along the way.

Ahhhhh that will explain the lump and swelling then fella, I think i'm going to give Glutes a miss for that very reason as only have 1" violets
and my ass has a bit of meat on it still so not going to risk it and will do vents again instead.

Just done another 2ml DHB, 1ml in each delt (just DHB on its own no test this time) seeing as was no swelling, doesn't seem to hurt or swell
when not cut with test just think as long as you stay in the 1ml range whether it be alone or with test you should be fine. Have done 600mg
so far now and with tmz shots will have total of 800mg so will be fully front loaded on both DHB and test. Will do vents again tmz
after my legs work out 1ml DHB + 0.5ml test in each vent and thereafter will be normal schedule of Monday and Thursday jab’s.

Will update again tomorrow evening.

Update:10/04/2017, Sites jabbed yesterday was left and right Delt again, today no PIP or swelling and didn't get the dull ache I got the first
time either.

Sleep: Slight retraction here last night was much different to previous day's sleep. Managed to get to sleep just fine but must have woke over
10 times during the night for unknown reasons, managed to get back to sleep within 5 mins of waking but no idea why I woke but I was awake
a lot! woke surprisingly not tired and still feel refreshed and in good mood but definitely very disturbed sleep compared to previous days.

Blood pressure AM:115/76 took this morning measurement 3 times and was practically same all tries, surprised actually as woke with a slight
headache/ feeling of pressure in back of my head, not migraine or bad headache but there in the background but anyway the BP is in the ideal
range, so doesn't seem to have negative effect on BP, although note I did start taking Celery seed, Beetroot and Garlic extract at start of my
higher dose phase so that could be keeping things in check so just because I didn't get adverse effects could be because of this and would
advise anyone doing this compound or any other to still take BP measurements daily while doing gear as BP is one of the biggest threats
when doing AAS so be safe peeps.

Other than that nothing else to report for now.

Update 2: 10/04/2017, Okay guys had first day back in the gym and was Leg day which went pretty good, although some bell end over
stacked the 20 plates and when I grabbed a plate off top of the rack one fell off and went down my shin was well pleased with that as its
a right mess quite lucky though as if it had hit my foot would have broke my toes or something so could have been worse.

Strength felt really good throughout the workout and, feels good to be not in a calorie deficit any more, In all really good work out.

Just jabbed both vents 1ml DHB + 0.5ml Test in each, no more jabs until Thursday now.

As for delts which was jabbed yesterday, can't even tell they've been jabbed, no swelling, no pain nothing and that was just 1ml DHB in each.

Will do BP reading again later before bed.

Update: 11/04/2017, Sites jabbed yesterday was left and right Vents, today no PIP or swelling. The only pain I have today is my shin from
where a 20plate raped it and slight DOM's in quads, Ham's and Calf's.

Sleep: This is where it gets interesting, Managing to fall to sleep just fine but still quite weird sleep woke about 5 times( getting less frequent
now as was about 10 the other day) for no reason whatsoever and having weird ass dreams and last 2 dreams I've been quite angry and
aggressive lol. Still woke up at 5:10 feeling like I had quite good sleep and alert but don't feel knackered and mood is good overall.

Blood pressure AM: 127/76 so slightly higher than yesterday morning but falls in normal range still and last night's BP was 127/74 so happy
with BP sofar.

Muscles defo seem a lot harder and fuller, have noticed the odd spot appearing in shoulders. Boners still frequent and wanking like a champ,
other than that nothing else to report as of now.

Have a good day guys will report back later this evening.

Haha defo not just you mate the dreams in this stuff are both weird and strangely exciting but sometimes very aggressive , I actually look forward
to going to sleep just to have the dreams lol. No night terrors or insomnia as of yet and the waking up a lot in the night has gone down to 2 times
now roughly a night now and one of those is to piss so not too bad on that front now. Have noticed I am clammy and sweaty during the night and
waking but not uncomfortably just hotter and warmer than normal and had to half sleep in the duvet.

Had some really good workouts over last 3 days to the extent my legs are still wrecked from Monday, chest shoulders and back are sore as fuck
too (may have gone a bit too ape shit first week back after a break/cut lol).

Strength wise can't really say had massive increase but I am still at maintenance calorie wise will be increasing by 100 next week and week after
to be in surplus and will assess by weekly after that.

Also only had the compound in my system for just over a week and even front loading it will still take a few weeks to fully start working.

As for injections last was in vents in Monday and no swelling or PIP to report. Will be Jabbing both delts tonight nearly emptied my first bottle of

Injection update:

Delts injected:13/04/2017, 1 x 1ml DHB + 0.5ml Test 250 in each delt. Have to admit I feel it much more in the delts than vents, doesn't help that
I was in a rush and went in too high but that aside get a dull ache and slight sting when I do delts for about 15 mins which then comes and goes
for rest of the night but weird thing is the next morning nothing! No swelling, Lumps or PIP and as if not jabbed it's such a weird compound.

Sleep quality: Had a really good night's sleep and the waking up thing seems to have dissipated as woke once or twice to piss. Still having vivid
weird ass dreams though but other than that sleep is good.

Mood: Feel in a very good mood and sociable, no agitation or paranoia and feeling quite happy go lucky and confident.

Condition: Muscles feel and look harder and fuller and, waking up clammy and have sweated in the night, not drenched but defo a difference
and seem to feel much hotter in the day and at work so defo a small thermogenic effect also feel and look leaner. Excited for Monday which is
leg day Again and also another jab :D

Update: 17/04/2017 all injection sites left and right vent
2 x 1ml DHB + 0.5ml Dunning Super test 350( been saving it for a special occasion)

Today had no pain or PIP whatsoever and if I was to have it I defo would as the 350 can sting a bit sometimes hence why it was discontinued
and 300 took its place.

Libido: Still horny as fuck with random Hardons galore.

Other effects: Look more fuller and muscles feel harder, Weighed in 194.6lb and was 190lb just over a week ago and still eating at maintenance,
don't feel puffy or bloated ankles and face aren't full of bloat and feel leaner so not sure what's going on there lol.

Sleep: Having really good sleep again, still having vivid weird dreams though but quite like them haha.

This week will be when I should start seeing performance sides coming through due to the front load.

Update: Leg session out of the way



REP'S PER SET: 20, 15, 12, 10,10, 8, 5, 15


LEG EXTENSION (Super set 1) Lightest 25kg Heaviest 105kg

PRONE HAM CURLS (Super set 1) lightest 15kg Heaviest 45kg

CLOSE STANCE LPRESS (Super set 2) lightest 150KG HEAVIEST 350KG

WIDE STANCE LPRESS (Super set 2) same weight as above

STANDING Calf RAISES lightest 50kg heaviest 150kg

SISSY SQUAT (Literally ass to ground) Burnout sets with just a 10 plate mainly focus hams going low and slow as poss and driving up with
hams and glutes.


CABLE WOOD CUTTERS 3x10 15kg lightest and 45kg heaviest


Definitely feel a big difference to last weeks leg session leg press was up 20kg on last week.

10kg on Leg ext
10kg on Calf’s
5kg on Hams( my weaker going to start with hams and add extra sets for it and incorporate Russian leg curls/Romanian Deads)

Pumps in my legs was very good (Calf's got a bit annoying) Energy throughout was very good to say I've been at work all day(usually do legs
Monday when I'm off work)

Will be upping my cal’s by 100 over maintenance next week and again the following week and 50 week after will stay at that until I notice no
progression.( main aim to be 250 over maintenance)

So things getting much more exciting now and starting to see and feel the DHB working.

Chest tomorrow will report after with how it went

Defo think it has a little thermogenic to it, not drenched in sweat swimming in a pool of my own juices but defo moist lol and in the day
I'm constantly hot where everyone else's is moaning it's cold blah blah blah. Strength also been okay not BOOM! smashing up the gym
strength but its early days and also my cal’s aren't yet to gaining numbers as slowly reverse dieting just coming from a cut so that also is
a big factor but can say my last sessions have felt much stronger and few more weeks I think will feel full effects and other stuff will be on

My mood and well being is definitely in the positive happy area no paranoia/ mood swings or agitation so that is a definite bonus and the
dreams! man the dreams are funny and weird as fuck! Will defo miss them once my course of DHB has run to its end.


My experience with the Dunning DHB was very positive, Product effectiveness I would give the compound 8/10

Provides nice lean gains whilst keeping strength up, it won't give Tren like results but at the end of the day it's has pretty much zero sides compared to Tren, if I had to try and compare the effects of this compound I would say it's very much a dry version of deca, gives good strength, pumps, vascularity,appetite increase, dry but full appearance without the negatives of Deca such as bloat, prolactin and instead of joint relief it has mild thermogenic effect.

This has to be one of my favourite compounds which I will most definitely run again if Dunning decide to run more batches as it’s literally one of the most versatile compounds going and can be mixed and matched very easily without any problems.

The only reason I didn’t give 10/10 is for 2 reasons I have mentioned before 1. Being the mg/ml of the compound and 2. Being the stability of the compound, none a fault of Dunning just the nature of the beast that is DHB but once you accept these two and crack on this really is a brilliant little compound.

I would like to say thanks to the guys at Dunning for listening to my request to make test batch of the compound as they took quite a risk as there wasn’t much info or user experiences yet they came through with a brilliant high quality product after a few attempts at getting the compound as stable as possible again we would expect nothing less from Dunning.

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Postby Viz » Wed Nov 21, 2018 7:42 pm

Ok so that has set the bar really high.

Totally awesome review and write up mate.

Strive for continuous improvement, instead of perfection.

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Postby tommydunn » Sun Nov 25, 2018 2:49 pm

Great and comprehensive review.

I've just started a course of the latest batch of DHB. I'm happy to start a new thread and document my experience if anyone is interested? It's just I'm aware there's a lot of threads on this topic so don't want to just start another one unnecessarily...

@Admin ?
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Postby Deads4days » Sun Nov 25, 2018 3:43 pm

Chris GW wrote:Great and comprehensive review.

I've just started a course of the latest batch of DHB. I'm happy to start a new thread and document my experience if anyone is interested? It's just I'm aware there's a lot of threads on this topic so don't want to just start another one unnecessarily...

@Admin ?

They may be a couple of threads in it but all user experiences aren't the same as well as opinions are so can't see why you shouldn't do one also mate, would advise to make your thread in here though : viewforum.php?f=12

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Postby SILVERBACK1910 » Sun Dec 16, 2018 10:46 pm

In regards to dosages and lenght of the cycle, a 350-400 mg of test blend or test e by dunning with 400 mg dhb for 16 weeks for a good bulk is enough? Pinning the dhb and test every 3 days let's say.

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Postby Deads4days » Sun Dec 16, 2018 11:41 pm

SILVERBACK1910 wrote:In regards to dosages and lenght of the cycle, a 350-400 mg of test blend or test e by dunning with 400 mg dhb for 16 weeks for a good bulk is enough? Pinning the dhb and test every 3 days let's say.

Definitely more than enough and would be quite a nice cycle there pal.

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Postby SILVERBACK1910 » Mon Dec 17, 2018 6:10 pm

I am waiting for the dunning website to go up and running and start a log with them. I plan to do a full year of bulking coupled with powerlifting training so it should be a nice run. Hopefully

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Postby Stayghost » Wed Jan 23, 2019 9:32 pm

Great review answered a lot of my questions:)

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Postby Mitchlowkey » Tue Jun 23, 2020 9:38 am

Just gone through this again D4D
Quality review and nothing else like it online.
Made me laugh A LOT

I’m running a low dose at the moment, the dreams are super intense and the physique enhancement is as always very noticeable.

Happy dayz :)
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Postby Deads4days » Fri Jun 26, 2020 2:00 pm

Mitchlowkey wrote:Just gone through this again D4D
Quality review and nothing else like it online.
Made me laugh A LOT

I’m running a low dose at the moment, the dreams are super intense and the physique enhancement is as always very noticeable.

Happy dayz :)

Haha I love the dreams on that stuff!! Have some stashed away for a rainy day! One thing I would change when I do it again thoughts is get bloods done mid and or end of cycle to monitor how it affects RBC and bloods in general as would be curious to see how it affects blood. Didn't really feel any signs of high blood pressure but does make you look and feel more vascular so has to have some affect to some extent.

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