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Re: Dunning Labs

Postby Stu1290 » Tue Mar 10, 2020 9:28 am

Yes ordered one bottle of tren to see how the service was seems legit stuff and service was quick .

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Re: Dunning Labs

Postby Kratos91 » Wed Apr 01, 2020 2:59 pm

Viz wrote:
Enigmatic7 wrote:First time posting here, seems like JD has disappeared. Does anyone know if the new site is g2g?

Hello mate, welcome to the forum. First of all our rules are rather clear, no discussion on sources. :? The good news is you are not asking for directions to one but it is close.

OK the good news is that once Dr Product bought out the rights for Dunning and became the sole supplier there were teething problems as can be expected. True they were a bit more hectic than the problems needed to be, they struggled in the beginning let us say. Once that period passed they got better, however NO reseller will ever be as good as the original JDlegend was. So eat the delays, and know you are still getting the best product

@glimmer43 Mate that kind or reply might be cool on other forums but not here. Why you posted to make a snarky comment to a lad looking for help is mystifying to me. Here you help a fellow member out. Which you did previously and I thank you for that. OK so the lad did not see or read your reply that answered his question. There were better ways of saying that.

Right so here is the thing, leave that kind of posting for your other forums that you may be part of. Here we try and include folks, make all that visit our forum welcome and want to come visit again. We are trying to build, to grow community and not just grow muscle. Here we honour John Dunning and his memory through an amazing community spirit ;) ;)

Although I’m not the one involved you have no idea how much this reply of yours mean to someone like me. It’s really nice to see people like you who have been on this forum for a while and certainly know a thing or two to try and help newer members on the forum. Thanks a lot broski you are a legend

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