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Use of Caber in Tren cycle

Anabolic Steroids

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Use of Caber in Tren cycle

Postby Bonus » Thu Feb 20, 2020 6:34 pm

As per title, looking for any experienced thoughts and advice on this please guys.

A little background;

A few years back, I had a disturbing cough incident which left me shivering and sweaty on the floor, eventually, once i got my breath back I swore never to touch the shit again!
Like many who love Tren, I've experienced 'the cough' plenty of times over the years (with enan & ace) but that last time scared the crap outta me, maybe mainlined a vein?

Anyway, after a few of years avoiding including Tren into cycles like the plague I was encouraged to find out that a good pal was running hex and guess what? Great Tren but no cough...
Got me thinking...why not?
So, i tried a fairly light cycle and sure enough no cough, not even a trace or tingle.

I did still get other (not so great) sides which i managed as per usual (always without Caber) but on balance, loved it!

In the past, I've always included at least equal dose of test per Tren (often much higher test than tren) and, from reading various articles this could be the reason for the sides, which could be minimised if i keep the test dose low (eg no more than 100-200mg/wk) but also to include Caber to control prolactin.

I'm currently running a Tren(hex)/test cycle (3/1 ratio) and I'll be honest I've never used Caber before but now considering it, actually have obtained some, just not sure of Caber dosage and whether it's best taken preventatively or, just kept at hand in case needed? Or maybe I should have got some Prami instead??

Appreciate there's loads of Bro science on this subject and more stuff than you can trawl through on redit and pubmed which is often parrotted around forums and used as technical karate so i'm really looking for 1st hand experience of use please guys. Like I say, I'm looking to minimise any sides before they may occur?

Is it feasible (without having your own personal physician or taking constant bloods) that Tren could be used with zero sides?

Any feedback appreciated, cheers fella's
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Re: Use of Caber in Tren cycle

Postby MarkoK87 » Tue Mar 03, 2020 9:56 pm

Caber and prami decreasing prolactin levels, but both medicaments are not joke when it comes to side effects. Long story short, prolactin can t be high without high estrogen, by far the most important thing when you run tren is to keep estrogen in the normal range, because prolactin is the product of progesterone and estrogen. When you taking deca or tren progesterone will raise, but if you keep estrogen in the lower range your prolactin will not be too high.

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