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First cycle enanthate and anavar

Anabolic Steroids

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First cycle enanthate and anavar

Postby Kerry84 » Sat Mar 07, 2020 10:33 am

Hi there looking at doing my first cycle and after people’s opinions looking at doing test enanthate 250 at 1ml weekly and anavar 50mg daily both for ten weeks.
Do I need arimidex whilst on cycle. after cycle novadex and clomid unsure of dosages also is hgc needed. I hope it all makes sense cheers.

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Re: First cycle enanthate and anavar

Postby Stu1290 » Sat Mar 07, 2020 11:17 am

Personally if it was my first cycle brother I’d stick to one compound. In this case (test e)
Anavar is really useless for a first timer as you probably won’t even get much out of it as most is poor quality and most likely to get something else branded as anavar .
(Not every source but most) especially online resellers that’s easy to access .
Gains off of anavar are small for me generally , and gives some slightly extra pump and veins here and there but .

My advice is run only test e 2ml a week for 10/12 weeks , 250mg will shut you down naturally and put you to just over therapeutic TRT dosages .
If ur looking to gain for performance purposes 500mg for a first cycle will yield plenty on it’s own and you can build ur physique over the years and add/stack more compounds together to give you better results as you become more tolerable to each substance . Cause like any drug we get used to it and eventually need more to get any effects .

500 or 250mg is your choice at the end of the day mate but if I was doing it again I know what I’d do .

Keep ur injection frequency the same Monday /Friday is good with test e or even once per week . and clean , make sure to keep urself healthy use proper procedure to inject and use simple glute methods shown on YouTube google etc.

Make sure you get an AI like aromasin or arimadex to have to hand just incase you get any side effects of high oestrogen , with test e you shouldn’t experience this for a few weeks so don’t start an AI when u start ur cycle as you will slam ur oestrogen levels threw the floor and feel like shit .

I would advise to use HCG on cycle at 250 iu twice a week
But others don’t see the need , but when it comes to PCt I recon this would help u bounce back quicker to normal .

Pct - is another story but needs to be fully done to complete a healthy cycle

Hope this helps

Any questions just ask


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Re: First cycle enanthate and anavar

Postby Rdavisn95 » Sun Mar 08, 2020 6:26 pm

Pretty sure enanthate needs to be shot every 4 days to keep levels stable, so either do 250 twice a week or split it into two shots at 125. Also if it's your first cycle, stick to just one compound. That way if you have any sides you know which substance is causing them.
Besides that, stay safe and make sure everything is hygienic. Best of luck and keep us posted.

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