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Re: New guy, Hi

Posted: Mon Oct 07, 2019 3:54 pm
by Bonus
Garrygb wrote:
Zero wrote:Sup guy's

How we all doing?

Been training "proper" for 2ish years now.

Was an athletic physique as a kid/teen,
Fucked it all up and got fat :oops: as you do ?? 17+st cut all the way to 9st :shock:

Best shape ever at 32yrs

Test 500
Test 300 Nnp 300
Test 200 TrenA 200

Pretty much lost my first cycle 14.8st ,
barely ate enough the second :oops:
Just come to the end of TrenA
good strength nice cuts...



Hey! What dosage would you guys reccomend? Im going to use the NPP to replace the Deca that I was going to use at 300mg/week. Should I bump the NPP to 150mg/EOD since it is milder than Deca or is 100/EOD okay?

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