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Re: Im sorry bros

Postby CarpeDiem76 » Sun May 12, 2019 11:39 am

That isn't a bad shout matt, some pwo weren't good for my state of mind so now have to use a mild one or just pure caffeine on its own, feel much better for it...


Re: Im sorry bros

Postby LeeDaLifter » Sun May 12, 2019 12:31 pm

lurch wrote:Unfortunately I can't take credit for those words of wisdom, it's a quote banded about from old. If you've tried as many rehabs, 12 step programs, cbt courses as me, you'll pick up phrases like that.
But it pretty much sums up life for me, no good dwelling on if buts and maybe's from your past, your here today, enjoy it, life is what YOU decide to make it

Iv took what you said on board bro, I'll explain my shit to CPN n see what happens from there.. I'm due a meeting with my drug worker in couple days so I'll let them know I need alil more help. I took on a drug worker to see i could be pushed off drugs but not alone I Cnt, too heavy.

matt2 wrote:Lee, just want to point something out I have observed...

I think your state of mind ‘changed’ around the time you started using the pre work out. Look back through your posts and you will see a difference before you started using it. I have wondered if the buzz you get from the preeworkout triggers something darker? To make it worse, you have gone from half scoop just on training days to taking regularly.

Don’t want to sound like a nag or bore, but try taking a break from them and see how you feel.

They do say on the side not to take it if ur crazy haha, I thought it was just chatting shit. Iv just took some aswell!!!!! I had a day off yesterday, I'll cut my pree intake down... Maybe twice a week (easily doable).
You could be right tho, it could be poking my usually sleepy beast haha waken it up.
Didn't someone once say it was 'bitter orange peel' that did it? Or something like that?

When I take 'Smash' or 'Curse' I dnt feel much of a kick.... Onli that 'fury' I feel.

I took a full bloody scoop aswell haha, feel my ears tingling haha. My ears bro, its like I cn hear da pree inside me. I hear u pree bro, I hear u!!! Haha

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Re: Im sorry bros

Postby DjdiazeMK2 » Tue May 14, 2019 8:58 pm

Lee gets not been long out of a secure unit for a little holiday as I stopped taking my meds and started the booze sniff n alot other shit, I'm stable again now and so thankfull for the help the NHS had given me, it took years to get help at 28......I'm 32 now and been under the care for 4 years. Get some pro help and listen to the lads on here as many have colourful pasts in regards of mental illness and they know what they are on about, also have a think about how people will perceive you. I've had chats on here about shit that's happened to myself that I wouldn't even expect my friends to understand but felt comfortable doing do on here.........anyway keep safe

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Re: Im sorry bros

Postby DjdiazeMK2 » Tue May 14, 2019 9:05 pm

Also if you feel your CPN isn't for you then ask for another one until you get one you click with, I went through 4 until I found one I click with, see him every 2 weeks whilst he pins my olanzapine for a chat but we talk on the phone every couple of days. How about see if he can arrange a "holiday" for a week or two without any booze drugs or internet, I know sometimes you need to do something dangerous to get a holiday but I'm sure they will try there hardest if you need it.

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