Test decca cycle question

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Test decca cycle question

Postby Stu1290 » Sat Feb 24, 2018 1:19 am

Got a question for you experienced guys ...

I started cycle first week in December using ,
Dim dbol , dim test 250 , decca 250 all were legit dimension products
Started noticing usual gains about say early week 3/4 roughly, prob about weeks 5/6 felt amazing and "on" as to say.
But the problem was i ran out of products test/decca so and during the Xmas holidays etc couldn't order new oils , so basically ran off cycle nearly two weeks till I managed to get dunning t300 and dun 250 decca have ran them since 14th Jan till now 23rd Feb not really gaining any more or feeling on cycle as I should normally.
Some days feel flat and tired , run down ... normal signs of low test . Is this possible ?
Was two weeks too long without bridging should I have pct'd between ?

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