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Re: carbs and cardio

Postby Viz » Mon Jul 16, 2018 8:28 am

Robbie wrote:
Viz wrote:Bit of trivia for those who are interested.

As I said been in Italy for two weeks, no training and only really been eating pasta and pizza.

Sunday is our weigh in day for the lads and I. We measure BF, Muscle % and so on. Now you would think that pigging on pasta and pizza everyday I would have piled the pounds on... Right?

Er no. Lost 5 pounds in body mass, and 2% of muscle mass. Simply because no gym and not eating right. BF dropped too, I guess because of the change in diet causing metabolism to have to adjust to the different food.

How did you measure that though?

Our weekly weigh in is measured via a hand held sensor scales, and once a month using calipers for body fat. We use the same machine for consistency - granted there will be a small variance in accuracy but based on the outcomes of the calipers v sensors we are close enough to not make any difference for our purposes.

The feet only sensors are often way more inaccurate than systems that have hand held sensors too.
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