testosterone undecanoate is perfect for holiday

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testosterone undecanoate is perfect for holiday

Postby Lew » Sun Jan 13, 2019 10:23 am

so i have been away on holiday for 3 weeks.
i have been running small dosages of test before i went away, but knew i was going to have my levels drop on holiday as they always do..
normally around week 2 i will experience a drop.

so i put the test undec into the equation.
a week before i went away injected 2ml. 500mg.
a day before i went away, injected another 2ml. 500mg.

the first week of the holiday, i could feel levels were too high.. that slight heart murmur, palpitations, you experienced guys know the feeling of too much test in your system, and indeed week 1 was showing this to be the case.
start of week 2 everything started to calm down but was still too much.. finally end of week 2, not sure what the half life calculations would show, more experienced guys would know, but whatever it was, end of week 2 was the perfect amount for me personally. test levels felt spot on.
week 3, same story, levels felt spot on.. ive just got back, and i would say right now that levels are much the same, perhaps a slight dip, so im going to do another 1ml to keep me going.

so.. LOVE test undec.. thinking 2ml injection every fortnight is suitable for me. any feedback guys?

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Re: testosterone undecanoate is perfect for holiday

Postby Deads4days » Sun Jan 13, 2019 10:47 am

Did the same before I went away recently before Christmas pal. Did 500 then week later another 500 (night before we flew). then did another 500 3 weeks after returning.

Most calcs show 500mg Test Undec to release avg 20mg p/d, 1000 to be around 40mg p/d.

Overall I feel much better and consistent on this than enanth, currently on cruise and doing 500 per 3 weeks, everything working fine. Whilst away wasn't the best diet either as all inclusive so actually drank booze(never drink normally ) and lots of sodium snacks during the day and night and didn't feel BP rise like I do when on higher test and eat shit and the 3 week pinning schedule most definitely a welcomed addition. In all really rate it.

May become more difficult if your wanting to do higher doses of this as will.be large volume injections or you could spread out vet a few sites in one session.

The thing that i did find is its more stubborn to push through than other compounds even when warmed up so have to be a little more patient.

Defo my test of choice moving forwards though.

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